There are three serious problems with school funding in Wisconsin. These include:

Revenue Limits

Problem #1 - Some districts receive far more money per child than other districts. Districts with more money can afford to pay for the best services and attract the best teachers.

Solution #1 - We must establish a basic standard of student care for all schools. Then, all students may have increased access to excellent teachers and services no matter where they live in Wisconsin.

Property Taxes

Problem #2 - Currently, property taxes fund a large portion of public schools in Wisconsin and place an undue burden on the residents of the community.

Solution #2 - Reduce the average homeowner's total annual property taxes up to 30%. The cost of schools would shift to the state government, which can use public funds and private donations to balance per-pupil funding across the state.

Special Education Funding

Problem #3 - The state only pays 30% of the cost to support a special education student. This is drastically reduced from the previous 70% paid in the 1970’s. This decrease negatively impacts already cash strapped district budgets.

Solution #3 - We must reinvest in special education. Let's fully fund the reimbursement rate per special education student.