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Steve Krull is an Air Force veteran and a proven leader for change.  Dr. Krull has vast experience coordinating and implementing successful programs that lead to higher levels of student achievement.  Steve met his wife Amanda in the Air Force and recently celebrated their nineteenth wedding anniversary.  They have been blessed with two children, Imogen and Keith.  Imogen is a freshman in college, and Keith is a sophomore in high school.  The Krull family enjoys playing games, watching the Brewers play ball, and outdoor activities.



On October 1st, 2020, Steve declared his candidacy for State Superintendent of Wisconsin Schools.  Steve sees our public educational system crumbling in Wisconsin.  There is a teacher shortage in the thousands.  Children receive vastly different services depending on what district or school they attend.  Also, there is a student loan debt crisis.  Steve believes to solve these issues, we need to reform school financing.  He also believes we need to focus on the bread and butter fundamentals needed to expand great schools across our state.

"I'm running because I believe we can build an educational system in Wisconsin that can be a model for the nation.  A system that no matter where you live or where you move, there will be a great school waiting.  A system where our college students can begin their lives because they aren't stifled with mass amounts of student debt.  Essentially, a system where every child has a chance for a better life" --Steve Krull



Steve was born to Sharon and Bob Krull.  He grew up in a strong manufacturing and healthcare household, which molded Steve's appreciation for hard work and dedication to his family, friends, and to the community.

Growing up, Steve did not like school.  After high school graduation, he decided not to go directly to college. Because of Steve's love for his country, instead, joined the U.S. Air Force.  While in the Air Force, he became an instructor, which fostered a true joy for teaching. 

During his tenure as an Air Force instructor, Steve achieved an exceptional 96% student proficiency rate.  Steve was subsequently promoted to a training manager, where he worked with about 150 organizations to ensure troops who were going to be deployed had the training and proficiency they needed to be successful.  He earned an achievement medal for leading the implementation of a student information system that tracked the training of around 100,000 troops annually.  He also worked with the research and development office and his evaluation save the Air Force about $220,000 annually.



After the Air Force, the Krull family returned to Wisconsin where Steve enrolled at Cardinal Stritch University to pursue teaching.  His ultimate goal was to create a more enriching school experience for young people than he had as a child.  Once Steve became a teacher, he worked tirelessly to ensure his students had engaging lessons.  He also individualized learning, catered toward each child's level of development, and helped students reach their true potential.  Children in Steve's classroom experienced something Steve never got to experience as a child: they liked school.  Not only did they like school, but they also excelled academically.



Steve's teaching model proved positive results, which led to a promotion to an instructional coach.  In this role, he helped other teachers refine their practices and achieve success.  The individualized learning model spread across the school building, and the students' test scores soared higher than they thought possible.  

Steve also served as a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction state exam reviewer and was a member of the district personal planning team.  He also led professional development around instruction for new to the district teachers and participated in requests for proposal (RFP) bid contracts.

Furthering his education, Steve earned his Doctorate in Urban studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2016, while working full time. 



It didn't take long for Steve to move up the leadership ladder to principal.  In just his first year as principal, Steve leads his educational staff towards providing a “Grade A” experience for all children.  Together, they attained higher levels of student engagement and achievement leading to great marks from the state.  They also received many awards, including Steve earning the "East Principal Rookie of the Year" award. 

His role as principal also includes management of operations.  Steve is highly skilled at building systems that increase productivity and efficiency.  Also, through marketing and conservative budgeting, Steve was able to raise the funds needed to build a state of the art tot-lot at his school.  

Steve partners with other schools and organizations.  He worked with the Council of Great City Schools, as well as with General Electric.  Steve also coaches other MPS principals on budgets, leads a principal cohort, and is part of a principal professional development review committee.  Steve’s strong leadership earned him several awards including being named "Leader of the East" in spring of 2020.